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Primary Caregiving

At LUECC, we operate a primary caregiving system, which means your child and your family is assigned to a particular kaiako (teacher) and becomes part of their small whānau (family) group.

What is primary caregiving?
A primary caregiving system is one designed to ensure that your child’s needs are being met. Your child is linked to one special kaiako who assumes the major responsibility for ensuring that this occurs.

This kaiako also becomes the main contact person for communication between your family and LUECC. Using kaiako and whānau groups makes it easier to develop trusting partnerships between teachers and families.

Your child’s kaiako will be assigned during your pre-visits. She will then be responsible for talking with you and supporting your child’s settling process, meeting you and your child’s needs as they integrate into LUECC.

Your child’s kaiako will actively seek to develop an intimate knowledge of routines, interests, development, and temperament of your child and incorporate your caregiving practices from home as much as possible.

All this ensures that with time and open communication, meaningful relationships develop between kaiako, children and parents, forming the basis for trusting and secure attachments.

We work in partnership with you to provide a warm, caring and stimulating environment for your child. We believe that secure, nurturing relationships with caring teachers enable children to build strong attachments, the foundation for all future learning.

It is important to note that primary caregiving is not exclusive caregiving. All of our teachers work as a team to ensure positive experiences for all of our children and their families.

As your child settles into LUECC, their kaiako will initially fulfil all of their caregiving needs, though once your child’s sense of belonging has been established, your child’s caregiving routines will be shared amongst core staff.

At this point, your child’s kaiako continues to take overall responsibility for ensuring the nurturing and learning needs of your child (and all the children in her small whānau group) are being met, writing your child’s weekly email or daily notebook (infants) and writing learning stories and learning notes to go into your child’s profile book and developing programme plans to extend and support their learning and development.

As your child’s kaiako they support your child’s routine during their time here, so they are the best person to talk to if there are any changes or concerns about your child and/or their routine.

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lucom • December 3, 2015

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