Lincoln University Early Childhood Centre

Fees and booking

The Centre offers a discounted rate for Lincoln University students, staff and other research groups associated with the University.

Invoices will be issued each fortnight. All fees must be paid within seven days of invoicing. Three weeks’ notice must be given if you wish to terminate your booking.

For casual absences, all booked spaces will be charged, whether attended or not.

All payments can be made at the Centre or by internet banking. For our current fees, please contact us.

A late fee of $10.00 for every five minutes will be charged for any child not collected from the Centre by 5.00pm.

The late fee also applies for any child booked in for a morning session who is not collected by 12.30pm.

Our Centre operates part-time and full-time sessions.

A minimum booking of two sessions each week (between 8.00am and 12.30pm or between 12.30pm and 5.00pm or 9am-3pm for those on 20hrs ECE funding) is required.

A variety of part-time or full-time vacancies are available where spaces permit.

Cancellations, absences and sickness
If your child is sick and unwell please notify us by phone or email.

We require two weeks’ notice on our bookings form if you wish to cease your child’s booking.

Holidays and public holidays
Parents are required to give two weeks’ notice regarding holidays.

A retainer of 50% must be paid throughout holiday periods if the booking is to be retained for the period following the holidays.

If two weeks’ notice has not been given, the full fee will be charged.

Any day of the period booked which is a statutory holiday must be paid for.

If a child is returning early from holiday, we require 24 hours’ notice.

A retainer is not paid when the Centre is closed for three weeks over the Christmas period.

20 Hours ECE for Three-and-Four-Year-Olds
LUECC has adopted the 20 hours ECE Funding for three-and-four-year-olds. For more information about this and to see if your child is eligible, please contact Marilyn or Brylee.

If you need to make changes to a booking (hours, days, notice of holidays etc), please do it using the Amendment to Booking form located in the foyer, and give to administration. You may also email Brylee or Marilyn with any changes.

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