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Food and lunch boxes

Here at LUECC, parents provide all the food their child needs for the day. Please also provide a piece of fruit to be put in the fruit basket for a late afternoon snack if your child is attending preschool for the afternoon session. These are sliced and shared amongst all the preschool children around 4.30pm.

We are happy to reheat food for lunch, but please ensure food is cooked before bringing it in – for example, noodles or instant pasta dishes.

We provide cups, cutlery, dishes, facecloths (and bibs where necessary).

Children will be served a drink at morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea times, and water is available whenever requested throughout the day. You are welcome to provide a drink bottle for your child.

We promote healthy eating so please supply your child with enough food to satisfy them throughout the day.

Children are encouraged to eat ‘growing food’ and make healthy choices, giving them longer lasting energy and a healthy start in life.

If your child has any food allergies or intolerances, or is unable to eat certain things for cultural reasons, it is vital that we are fully informed.

The children have many opportunities to bake and cook at LUECC and we need to take all these factors into consideration.

Please keep as treats for at home only:
– Nuts in any form. Please note this includes baking, muesli bars, peanut butter and Nutella. LUECC is a strictly nut-free zone due to allergies.
– Sweets, lollies, chocolate bars etc.
– Fizzy drinks and juice.

Several of our families bring in egg-free/dairy-free/gluten-free cupcakes or pieces of cake which are stored in our freezer. This is for their child to have when we celebrate birthday parties, ensuring that they can still take part. If you do not wish for your child to take part in these celebrations, please let us know.

Finally, please name all food containers and bottles. We have a philosophy of sustainability and caring for our environment and a philosophy of zero waste. We recommend the use of plastic containers to reduce packaging. Cling film/gladwrap is a choking hazard so is not recommended for wrapping children’s food.

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lucom • November 7, 2015

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